Drone On Demand
Drone On Demand
Drone On Demand Aerial Still of Commercial Listing from Area Real Estate Advisors

Commercial Real Estate

Custom editing to drive intrest

Shooting and editing commercial real estate is one of our specialties. 

We understand that sometimes a standard video edit, or simple photo footage is not enough to peak a potential client's interest...

So we specialize in editing your videos with custom "callouts" and motion graphics to establish neighboring properties and businesses, local demographics and info a high end video that will compel your audience. 

We can capture footage both inside and from the air. We can also make orthomosaic maps of the property with an astonishing level of detail, that can be viewed in VR. Ask us more about this service!

Safety First!

We issue each of our clients a custom Certificate of Aviation Liability Insurance (Co-Insured) to protect you at each site we fly on your behalf. Policies up to $5 Million Available.

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Commercial Real Estate Example

Dean and Deluca Property in Leawood, KS (edit with Callouts)

Client: Area Real Estate Advisors

Commercial Real Estate Example

The Drake Apartment Complex in Kansas City, MO (edit with Callouts)

Client: Collier's International